zum Stern

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Freshly baked duck

... on every Sunday!


and every other day on pre-order!

Home-distilled schnapps...

…from our own distillery

Our family has been innkeepers for five generations and farmers since time immemorial, and schnapps burning has been a late-autumn ritual. The schnapps we make — hazelnut, apple, pear, plum and obstler (a blend of pear and apple) etc.— is clear and robust. During your stay, you can visit the distillery and the cellar where the spirits are stored.


If you want to taste one of our products or take one as a present, don’t hesitate to ask!

What we do:

  • We have been distilling schnapps since the 19th century
  • We distill an excellent hazelnut spirit and different kinds of fruit brandy
  • We have our own fruit orchards
  • All of our products are ready to be taken home
  • On request, we gift wrap the items you buy as a present